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Pilot Datathon for Women of Color | Spring 2022
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The South Big Data Hub will join CODATA-RDA, Microsoft, and AIM-AHEAD Southeast Hub at Morehouse School of Medicine to host a 10-week Health, Climate, and Social Equity Researcher Data Science Training Program through a mix of virtual and in-person instruction.
The Data Science Education & Workforce Working Group is an open monthly professional working group for data science educators and program leaders to talk and hear from other programs around the country, as well as learn about resources for connecting with data, tools, industry partners, and research. Review our past speakers and if you're interested, visit our YouTube page to watch their presentations.
Learners, instructors, and 'workshop helpers' from Old Dominion University receive a collaborative and engaging 2-day workshop with shell, git, R, and JupyterHub.  This workshop was apart of the 2018 DataUp Program.
Society is increasingly becoming more data-driven and data-literate. It is vital every institution has the capabilities and infrastructure to engage and develop learners prepared to interact and succeed in such a society. On Nov 6 & 7, 2018, The DataUp program welcomed participating institutions for the instructional training. During this instructional training workshop, faculty teams engaged in a pedagogy intensive to learn best practices concepts for data science education. During this instructional training workshop, faculty teams engaged in a pedagogy intensive to learn best practices concepts for data science education.
On September 28–29, the DataUp program hosted a 2-day workshop at Texas A&M University–Kingsville, a historically Hispanic serving institution in Southern Texas. This workshop was apart of the 2018 DataUp Workshop.
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The DataUp 2020 Applications Are Closed
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The Program to Empower Partnerships with Industry and Government (PEPI-G) supports data faculty members, research scientists, postdocs, and graduate and undergraduate students (rising juniors and seniors) from across the country in working on high level problems for the federal government. The overarching goals of the program are three-fold to (1) support academics in developing relationships with industry and government for research collaboration and career success; (2) increase the capacity of students to enter the workforce landscape in data science, computing, and Big Data; (3) provide real-world impact through hands-on experience in data science.
The COVID Information Commons (CIC) is an open website to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration across various COVID research efforts initiated by the Big Data Hubs. The initial focus of the CIC website is on NSF-funded COVID Rapid Response Research (RAPID) projects. The CIC serves as a resource for researchers, students and decision-makers from academia, government, not-for-profits and industry to identify collaboration opportunities, to leverage each other's research findings, and to accelerate the most promising research to mitigate the broad societal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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This project was an awardee of the 2020 South Big Data Hub SEEDS Program - Southern Engagement and Enrichment in Data Science. It was the single large award funded at $100K. The PIs seek to build a consortium that provides an accessible and beneficial platform within the HBCU community.