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The South Hub facilitates access to data repositories, tools, and services of critical importance to the region. This theme community includes the All-Hub Data and CyberInfrastructure Working Group (WG) that was relaunched as an All-Hub working group in collaboration with all four Big Data Hubs. The WG organizes bi-monthly meetings. This community includes the recently-funded the NSF Open Storage Network (OSN), of which the South Hub is a node. The OSN will pilot a distributed storage infrastructure that leverages existing high speed links and will bring together a team to build a community to govern, test, and evaluate this prototype network.


  • 140+ participants in the All-Hub Data and Cyberinfrastructure Working Group


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OSN provides value to multiple disciplines, ranging from moving large astronomy datasets to compute resources to datasets geared towards strengthening machine learning research. Our users constitute a varied community of researchers and practitioners. The project is nationally coordinated effort led by the South Big Data Hub and supported by the Northeast, West, and Midwest Big Data Hubs
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The Data Sharing and Cyberinfrastructure Working Group is actively working in close collaboration with the South, Midwest, West, and Northeast Big Data Hubs, including representatives from the NDS, XSEDE, DataNet Federation, and iRODS Consortium to map resources, identify new collaborations, and facilitate data sharing across partners.
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This project was an awardee of the 2020 South Big Data Hub SEEDS Program - Southern Engagement and Enrichment in Data Science. It is one of two awards funded in the Seed Grant's mid-range category of >$50,000. The proposed work will build on the Baltimore Data Science Corps NSF HDR project and will develop a number of use cases for serving open data for smart city and urban data applications..