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Writing a Center-scale Proposal? We can Help!


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The South Hub PARTNERS Program

The South Hub can partner with you on your center-scale proposals. During the submission phase of your proposals, a South Hub partnership can increase the strength of Broader Impacts, Outreach, Community Engagement, and more.  If your project team is interested in more details about what the Hub can offer, fill out our PARTNERS form here and/or contact: klewis-strickland@gatech.edu.

For those proposing Data Science and AI Centers: The South Hub is an Outreach and Dissemination partner that can: 

  1. Amplify Your Reach & Communications,
    1. Rebroadcast your events, projects, datasets, and programs across our extended outreach and dissemination network which includes an assembled network of centers reaching over 12,000+ faculty, 105,000+ students, and 20 million users in similar or complementary data-driven communities utilizing our dedicated media team.
  2. Launch Your Broader Impacts: Expand to Diverse communities faster 
    1.  Advertise and connect your program to diverse communities including HBCUs, HSIs, MSIs, and smaller institutions.
  3. Increase Your Grant Success Rate 
    1. Aims to increase your project's funding rate with partner matchmaking services
  4. Expand Your Project Leadership
    1. Engage with an exclusive network of peer Data Science and AI Center leaders to talk through management best practices for Data and AI Centers, participate in a Data Science and AI Center Forum, and promote the creation and broad reuse of shared resources

For those proposing a Domain-Specific Center: The South Hub is additionally a Connection Partner that can:

  1. Accelerate Your Connections to the Broader Data Science and AI Ecosystem in regards to: 
  2. Expert Thought Leadership - Gain access to Data and AI experts to invite to advisory boards, workshops, panels, etc
  3. Research Expertise - Stay up to date on the latest research and connect with relevant peers for learnings and potential partnerships. 
  4. Education Program Development - Connect with established Data Science and AI education program networks to inform center-specific education programs, teaching, and instruction. 

For established Data Science, AI or Domain-specific Centers: Request to join the network. 


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The South Big Data Innovation Hub provides critical community engagement infrastructure and services for the transition of Big Data to Benefits—with more than 1300+ members from universities, corporations, foundations, and cities. The Hub fosters the Data Innovation Ecosystem to increase the capacity for data science partnerships across sectors, accelerate scientific discovery and innovation, broaden participation and diversity in data science, spur economic development, and address societal challenges affecting the Southern United States. 

Together, the South Big Data Innovation Hub can increase the reach of this project through its communication channels such as social media, our monthly newsletter, and our constant communication and access to the national Big Data Hubs ecosystem. We can utilize our communication channels to highlight the work of this project and advertise project-related opportunities to our regional and national communities. 

Email us to request a description of the effort and resources that the South Big Data Hub can commit to your project. 

*We are open to customized partnership options. 

*Additional Program Details, Grant Language, Budget, and Budget Justifications will be provided upon request.

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