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The South Big Data Hub community has developed numerous resources including publications, spoke project products, All Hub meeting photos, All hub presentations.  Below are links to current tools and resources available for use and distribution.


The South Hub S.E.E.D Grant Program: Southern Engagement and Enrichment in Data Science

The South Big Data Innovation Hub S.E.E.D.S - Southern Engagement and Enrichment in Data Science program is designed to promote collaboration and support the cross-pollination of tools, data, and ideas across disciplines and sectors including academia, industry, government, and communities. Seed grant awards must support the southern region and the Major Goals and Priority Areas of the South Hub. See S.E.E.D grant program

The South Hub Spoke Grant Program 

The South Big Data Innovation Hub BDSPOKES program supports large and small scale projects, from $1,000 - $1 million, aimed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge and technology transfer between individuals, universities, public and private research centers and laboratories, large enterprises, and small and medium-sized businesses. Spokes Projects are funded through a set of connected solicitations at the National Science Foundation: BD SPOKES 17-546 & 16-510.  Spokes will work on specific goal-driven challenges that require data science ideas, approaches, and solutions. By taking on a convening and synergizing role, as opposed to directly conducting new research, the Spoke Projects will each gather important stakeholders, engage end-users and solution providers, and form multidisciplinary teams to tackle large questions no single field can solve alone. See Current Spoke Projects


VERA: The Virtual Ecological Research Assistant

Developed through the South Hub Spoke Project, the Virtual Ecological Research Assistant (VERA) uses Georgia Tech AI and the Smithsonian Institution’s Encyclopedia of Life (https// to help construct models of ecological systems and answer questions about ecological phenomena. VERA is intended to support ecologists both student scientists from middle school to college and citizen scientists from nature observers to project managers.

Learn More on the VERA Page

MOYO: A HIPPA Compliant Mobile Health App for Large-Scale Medical Informatics

Developed through the South Hub Spoke Project, the purpose of the Moyo Health Network is to use the MOYO app to reduce the risk of medical events by empowering adults to embrace behaviors that can improve health through creative, digital health strategies (Mobile Health (mHealth)) technologies by allowing you to monitor heart health-related behaviors, including physical activity, sleep quality, food choices and mental/emotional health. The MOYO Health Network has targeted a range of projects including a young cohort between the ages of 18 and 29 in the Atlanta community to develop heart health as well as saving the lives of Maya women in rural Guatemala. Eventually, we plan on expanding to a cohort including all ages from all over the world. 

Learn More on the MOYO Page

OSN: The Open Storage Network 

Open Storage Network provides a Cyberinfrastructure service to address specific data storage, transfer, sharing, and access challenges while enabling and enhancing data-driven research collaborations across universities and making new datasets widely available. 

Learn More on the OSN Page


HIV in the South: A Deeper Look 

A Gateway to Data, Interactive Maps, Infographics, and Dynamic Experts

The COVID Information Commons

A Gateway to Covid Researchers, Online Content, Virtual Networking, and Other Resources



The Data Science Resource Repository

The Data Science Resource Repository (DSRR) is a curated set of resources and open curricula for data science learners, educators, and researchers of all backgrounds and education levels.  

Data science literacy skills are crucial to the development and growth of the global economy and provide a strong knowledge base for the future of our workforce. The DSRR is an open access platform whose aim is to leverage data science best practices and resources to broadly increase knowledge capacity, with a specific focus on underserved communities.

The Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education

The Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education (JSDSE) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal published by the American Statistical Association. It disseminates accessible knowledge for the improvement of statistics education at all levels, including: elementary, secondary, post-secondary, post-graduate, continuing, and workplace education. Although JSDSE is a journal of the American Statistical Association, submissions are welcome from educators, practitioners, and researchers around the world.

See Latest Articles 


Social Cyber Forensics: Leveraging Open Source Information and Social Network Analysis to Advance Cyber Security Informatics.

2019 Publication Co-Authored by Samer Al‐khateeb and Nitin Agarwal.

Forum on Health and National Security Conference Report: Ethical Use of Big Data for Healthy Communities and a Strong Nation

2018 Publication 

Summit to Sea: Modeling Regional Watersheds and Adjoining Coastal Regions

2018 Publication

Vera: Popularizing Science Through AI

2018 Publication Co-Authored by SPOKE Project, Using Big Data for Environmental Sustainability, PIs and Co-PIs Sungeun An (Georgia Tech), Robert Bates (Georgia Tech), Jennifer Hammock (Smithsonian Institute), Spencer Rugaber (Georgia Tech), and Ashok Goel (Georgia Tech).

Keeping Data Science Broad: Negotiating the Digital and Data Divide Among Higher-Education Institutions. 

2018 Co-authored by Renata Rawlings-Goss (South Hub and Georgia Tech), Lillian Cassel (Villanova University), Melissa Cragin (Midwest Hub and University of Illinois), Catherine Cramer (New York Hall of Science), Angela Dingle (University of the Virgin Islands), Shawnta Friday-Stroud (Florida A&M University), Al Herron (The Breakfast Group), Nicholas Horton (Amherst College), Tasha R. Inniss (INFORMS), Kari Jordan (Data Carpentry), Patti Ordóñez (University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras), Mary Rudis (Bates College), Robert Rwebangira (Howard University), Karl Schmitt (Valparaiso University), Dale Smith (Consulting Data Scientist), and Sonya Stephens (Florida A&M University)

Translational Data Analytics for Environmental Health: Sensors, Algorithms, and Patients

2017 Publication Co-authored by Ashok Krishnamurthy (RENCI), Lea Shanley (South Big Data Hub), Sarita Mantravati (Jacksonville University), Chenzhang Bao (University of Texas-Austin), Alex Cheng (Vanderbilt University), Gari Clifford (Emory University), Karamarie Fecho, Ashley Griffin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Ayaz Hyder (Ohio State University), Santosh Kumar (University of Maryland), Michael Liebhold (Institute for the Future), Shannon McKeen (National Consortium for Data Science), Chirag Patel (Harvard Medical School), Herman Taylor (Morehouse School of Medicine), and Wenbin Zhang (University of Maryland).

The Connected Campus: Using Sports Technology to Improve Student Health, Well-being, and Success. 

2017 Co-authored by Caroline Dotts (Georgia Tech), Sabina Saksensa (Cytilife), Maggie Ahern (Lehigh University), Renata Rawlings-Goss (Georgia Tech), Florence D. Hudson (Internet2), Emily Nichols (Internet2)

High Impact Applications of Data Science in Materials and Advanced Manufacturing.

2016 Co-authored by Michael Valley (Sandia National Labs), Babak Raeisinia (Novelis Global R&T Center), David McDowell (Georgia Tech), and Andrew Medford (Georgia Tech), Renata Rawlings-Goss (South Hub and Georgia Tech), and Arjun Sawhney (Georgia State University)

Energy Sector Challenges: Opportunities with the Use of Data Science. 

2016 Co-authored by Jeremy Lin (PJM International), Ross Malme (ACS), Renata Rawlings-Goss (South Hub and Georgia Tech), Vinavtee Kokil (Kennesaw State)

Health Sector Challenges: Opportunities with the Use of Data Science.

2016 Co-authored by Dr. Gerard Dumancas (Louisiana State University–Alexandria), Dr. Ghalib Bello, Dr. S. Mantravadi (University of West Florida), Renata Rawlings-Goss (South Hub and Georgia Tech), and David Gerald (Kennesaw State) 


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