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The South Big Data Innovation Hub supports the data science community through annual programs and regular series that bolster data science learning and bring together people in business, academia, and government who apply data science and analytics to solve problems. The South Hub’s major programs are the DataUp program, PEPI-G program, Seed Grant program, and Working Groups. These programs tap into the central goals of the South Hub around Education, Infrastructure, Partnership and Community by preparing institutions to teach data science, supporting faculty and student fellowships to connect with industry and government partners, as well as supporting the region in the convening of people and the cross-pollinating of ideas through seed grants.


  • 3 Working Groups with 567 members representing 116 organizations
  • DataUp provided on-campus data science training workshops to 150+ undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff 
  • PEPI-G partnered with 8 industry and 1 government partner to provide early career faculty, researchers, and upperclass undergraduates career development fellowships


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South Hub SEEDS (Southern Engagement and Enrichment in Data Science) projects are designed to give money to PI’s to establish communities of practice, working groups, or provide a connection point between two or more communities, sectors, or solution providers to grow and scale opportunities for the Southern region.
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The Social Cybersecurity Working Group is a new working group that will create a collaborative and interdisciplinary platform bringing researchers and practitioners from various disciplines to share, exchange, learn, and develop new concepts, ideas, and principles, aiming to advance the understanding and the current state of research in the socio-cognitive security domain.
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The South Big Data Innovation Hub Seed Grant program is designed to support the cross-pollinating of ideas across disciplines (data science and other domains), sectors (academia, industry, and government) and communities in order to foster ideas, data, and/or products in support the major goals and priority areas of the South Hub.
Education and Workforce Working Group
An open quarterly professional working group for data science educators and program leaders to discuss education and training in data science, curriculum development, training collaborations, and workforce development.
COVID Information Commons
The COVID Information Commons serves as an open resource to explore NSF-funded research addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. This project is a nationally coordinated effort led by the Northwest Big Data Hub and supported by the South, West, and Midwest Big Data Hubs.
The Keeping Data Science Broad Program group pic
The series garnered community input into pathways for keeping data science as a discipline broadly inclusive. We gathered input from data science programs in any region across the nation, either traditional or alternative, and from a range of institution types including minority-serving institutions, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, tribal colleges, universities, and industry partners. The series consists of webinars, workshops, and programs exploring the future of data science education and workforce at institutions of higher learning that are primarily teaching-focused.
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The Data Sharing and Cyberinfrastructure Working Group is actively working in close collaboration with the South, Midwest, West, and Northeast Big Data Hubs, including representatives from the NDS, XSEDE, DataNet Federation, and iRODS Consortium to map resources, identify new collaborations, and facilitate data sharing across partners.
PEPI-G Program
The Program to Empower Partnerships between Industry & Government allows early career professionals to visit program participants to kick-start new collaborations and research through fellowships with data faculty members, research scientists, postdocs, and graduate and undergraduate students (rising juniors and seniors).
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The DataUp Program allows academic institutions to apply to bring data science training capabilities to their campuses, thus expanding data science to more academic campuses across the South.
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The Harnessing the Data Revolution Input Coordination Activity is an All Hubs/NSF activity geared to surface and gather insights, recommendations, and ideas from the community. The recommendations were used by the HDR Steering Committee in a face-to-face meeting to organize and discuss needs for a national HDR network. This initiative is a national effort led by the South Big Data Hub, but supported by the Northeast, West, and Midwest Big Data Hubs.
The DEDICATE Program will build institutional capacity as well as individual faculty capacity in teaching data science at not only historically underserved institutions (HBCUs and HSIs) but also within the interdisciplinary areas (Social Impact Areas) of 1. Criminal Justice 2. Geosciences and Health Disparities 3. Food and Water Systems.