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  • Working Groups 
    • Data and Cyberinfrastructure 
      Re-launched as an All-Hub initiative
      Co-chaired by Niall Gaffney, Christine Kilpatrick, and John Goodue
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    • Education and Data Science Workforce
      Chaired by Renata Rawlings-Goss
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    • Security, Network Analysis, and Social Media
      Co-chaired by Nitin Argawal, Lea Shanley, and Kathleen Carley
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    • Water Working Group 
      Chaired by Lea Shanley
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To get started in a hub community, contact one of our Co-Executive Directors:

  • Renata Rawlings-Goss, Ph.D. (based at Georgia Tech):
  • Lea Shanley, Ph.D. (based at UNC-CH):

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The South Big Data Hub organizes regular programming to support data science learning and to bring together people in business, academia, and government who apply data science and analytics to solve problems.

Some of our major initiatives are:

  • DataUp – The Program to bring Data Science training capabilities to more academic campuses across the South.
  • DataStart – The Southern Startup Internship Program in Data Science allows graduate students in good standing at accredited universities from the South region the opportunity to work with host data-related startup companies on data-intensive business challenges important to the company.
  • Keeping Data Science Broad Series –The series consists of webinars, workshops, community input, and programs exploring the future of data science education and workforce at institutions of higher learning that are primarily teaching-focused.
  • PEPI – The Program to Empower Partnerships with Industry allows early career professionals to visit industries in order to kick-start new collaborations and research.
  • Virtual Roundtables – The South Big Data Hub Virtual Roundtable Series provides an open discussion forum on the most pressing and interesting issues in data science.


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