Working Groups

Working Groups and Themed Communities 

The South Big Data Hub is starting Working Groups which will engage directly with the Hub Executive team to implement across hub activities. These groups are central to the Hub mission and are distinct in that they will be groups assisting the Hub in the development of tangible resources and /or administering of services to the membership as a whole.
In addition, the South Hub is facilitating community discussions around several verticals, including data science.  These discussions are being seeded by the Hub, through initial open conference calls, as a means of networking and information dissemination.  As members of the South Hub community, if you wish to help organize or lead these calls, or have an interest in establishing a regular working group as part of the South Hub, please contact the Hub team at

Working Groups

  • Data and Cyberinfrastructure 

The All-Hub Data and CyberInfrastructure Working Group was relaunched as an All-Hub working group in collaboration with all four Big Data Hubs.  The WG organizes bi-monthly meetings.  To date, the WG has held 21 WebEx presentations and demos of key components for a federated system (20-30 attendees per call).

Co-chaired by Niall Gaffney (TACC), Christine Kirkpatrick (San Diego Supercomputing Center), John Goodhue (Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Institute), and James Wilgenbusch (Minnesota Supercomputing Institute) 

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  • Education and Data Science Workforce

The Education and Data Science Workforce Group consists of South Hub members from industry, academia, and government actively engaged in securing funding for and developing: (1) the use of government open data to support education and training in data science; (2) faculty and student data science training and curriculum development; (3) broadening and deepening the data science talent and workforce base; (4) connecting training in academia to industry and government needs, and (5) workforce development experiences for students to connect to industry, government, and non-profit organizations.

Chaired by Renata Rawlings-Goss

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Upcoming Education & Workforce Working Group Discussions

  • Social Cybersecurity

The Security, Network Analysis, and Social Media Working Group is a new working group that will create a collaborative and interdisciplinary platform bringing researchers and practitioners from various disciplines to share, exchange, learn, and develop new concepts, ideas, and principles, aiming to advance the understanding and the current state of research in the socio-cognitive security domain. Join the conversation at

Co-chaired by Nitin Argawal and Kathleen Carley

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Themed Communities 


Health                                                               Materials and Advanced Manufacturing


       IoT and Smart Cities                                             Environment and Natural Hazards


                           Energy                                                                             Privacy and Security


Policy and Economic Modeling