Data Science Roundtables

The South Big Data Hub Roundtable Series provides an open discussion forum focusing on emerging research challenges in data science and analytics, applications in verticals such as health, smart and connected cities, environment, natural hazards, energy, materials and advanced manufacturing, and cross-cutting areas such as cyberinfrastructure, privacy, and security. 

The roundtables will typically feature a moderator and 1-4 panelists who will provide short presentations, followed by audience questions and roundtable discussion. To view previous roundtables, visit our YouTube channel or go here for an archival listing of roundtables.

If you need to call in only for the event, please call +1 855 880 1246 and use the Webinar ID 325 674 411.

Our next event in the series will be held on
Thursday, July 19 from Noon – 1:15 P.M. Eastern Time

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About the Event

San Jose’s Office of Civic Innovation and Digital Strategy is a two-year old startup charged with transforming the delivery of city services and making the city as innovative as the community we serve. We’ll explore our journey and share tales from the field on real world applications of data in city management.

Our stories will cover both the highs and lows around our use of data to improve service delivery, including transforming our hiring process, redesigning our campaign to reduce illegal dumping, creating algorithms to improve our inspection program, and using data to increase animal licensing rates.

About the Panelists


Erica Garaffo is a champion of all things data. Her love of technology began as a young digital-centered native in Silicon Valley. Emboldened by a background in industrial engineering and public policy, she now champions streamlined and enjoyable government experiences in San Jose.


Kip Head Shot

Kip Harkness aims to awaken talented people to the spark of their full potential and enable them to change themselves and the world by creating:

  • spaces for people to gain insight and make wise decisions;
  • experiences that challenge people to achieve real success; and
  • practices which guide people to enduring happiness.

His career journey has taken him from Timbuktu to Silicon Valley. Along the way, Kip has advised farmers on the edge of the Sahara, created the national award winning Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, managed complex real-estate deals, and led a network of top technology leaders.

About the Moderator


Lea Shanley, PhD, is the co-Executive Director of the South Big Data Hub at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Previously, she served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at NASA and worked with the White House on open innovation policy. From 2011-2014, she was the founding director of the Washington-based Wilson Center’s Commons Lab, guiding strategic research in social media, social computing, and big data for disaster response and humanitarian assistance.