(CLOSED) DataUp Program 2020 Cohort Applications

The South Big Data Innovation Hub is excited to host the 2020 DataUp Program. DataUp will offer hands-on training for instructor teams at minority-serving institutions, community colleges, or 4-year liberal arts colleges. Priority will be given to hosts who can demonstrate the participation of faculty from diverse departments, or multiple institutions of the types listed above.

Applications Close March 31! (Applications Closed)

Applicants must be groups of 2-4 faculty or permanent staff from a minority-led, -serving, primarily teaching institutions, community colleges or 4-year liberal arts colleges institution or group of institutions in the same local area to maintain a cohort model in each location. Lead Institutions must be in the 16 states of the South Huband indicate interest in hosting a training workshop at their institutions. To ensure broad and adequate attendance, in the application process, institutions will submit a list of potential attendees or partners from their local communities which should include local minority-serving institutions and community colleges. Institutions with the broadest reach will be selected for participation.

Interested? Learn more about the 2018 cohort’s experiences at the DataUp webpage.

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