Master of Data Analytics Program at UCF hosts first ever Women in Data Science Conference

Dan Eilen, associate director  of the UCF  MS Data Analytics Program, and Shafaq Chaudhry, assistant director of Research Information Systems, at the recent Women in Data Science conference

ORLANDO, FLA – The University of Central Florida Master of Science in Data Analytics program hosted its first ever Women in Data Science Conference on March 5, 2018. This technology conference was held on the university campus and afterwards talks from Stanford were live streamed at over 100 satellite locations. The panel discussed data science research, career opportunities, as well as tips, tools and knowledge in hopes of educating and encouraging other women in data analytics. 

Data analytics is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and jobs are in high demand. The conference provided insights into careers in data analytics with the goal of inspiring women to consider a future in data science.

“The Women in Data Science event made me excited for the future of big data and glad I’m studying a field that uses data science tools,” said Caitlin Johnson, a student at the University of Central Florida pursuing a masters in industrial engineering.

After the panel discussion held on the main campus concluded, several talks were broadcast from Stanford. These talks included speakers such as Lada Adamic, research science manager, Facebook; Nathalie Henry Riche, researcher, Microsoft Research; Daniela Witten, associate professor of statistics and biostatistics, University of Washington; and Latanya Sweeney, professor of government and technology in residence, Harvard University.

Many of the speakers discussed the current research being done in their fields. They also gave advice to women looking to join the field of data analytics.

“Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. You have to believe in yourself and look for gaps. Find and fill that gap. Ask for it,”  advised  Jennifer Odess of Appirio.

For more information on the University of Central Florida’s Master of Science in Data Analytics Program visit the program website.

For more information on the Women in Data Science Conference please see the write up on Medium.

For questions or for more information on this event please contact Dan Eilen at 407.823.5758 or at

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