South Hub Working Groups and Theme Communities

Working Groups (WGs) engage directly with the Hub Executive team to implement and participate across hub activities. These groups are distinct from Rings in that they would be a select group assisting the Hub in the development and administering of services to the members as a whole. We invite you to participate in an upcoming call, or catch up on what is in progress. By visiting the “Community” navigation tab at, you can listen to previous calls, view our Wiki, and join upcoming calls. Initially, calls begin as exploratory meetings of the community facilitated by the hub, permitting the community to set goals, define and participate in leadership roles, and chart the path forward for the WG. 

The next call is happening this Friday:

South Hub Big Data in Energy Theme Community
South Big Data Hub – Energy Conference Call
Friday June 3rd, 2016
3:00 -5:00pm EST

We will be discussing:
1. A Big Data in Energy Industry-Academia Workshop (Summer 2016)
2. Education resources needed for the community
3. Leadership roles in the Hub
4. Available or needed data infrastructure
5. Join the call:
Optional dial-in number: 404-947-8273
No PIN needed.
International Access Numbers:
Three New Working Groups
The following new WGs are starting up. If you are interested in participating in a working group, please indicate your availability below.

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